Western Montana Fly Fishing Seasons

Skwala Stonefly Fly Fishing Seasons in Western Montana - Western Montana Fly Fishing Seasons

Spring Season: late March into May
Skwala Stonefly #8
Gray Drake #12, March Brown #14
Blue Winged Olive #16, #18, #20

When the water temperature rises to the low 40s - usually mid to late March - on the Bitterroot, the much anticipated Skwala Stonefly hatch commences the season. This hatch at this time of year often yields the largest Brown Trout numbers caught on dry flies each year.

The Skwala Stonefly was long overlooked by anglers as a significant hatch in this region until the 1980's. Now this hatch is considered the best time to get Browns over twenty inches on dry flies. In addition to the Skwala Stone, we have good hatches of Gray Drakes, Blue Winged Olives, and other mayflies to round out the menu. However, be advised that at this time of year fishing can be very weather dependant. A late season arctic blast could shut down the fishing or an early warm up could turn it on.

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