Western Montana Fly Fishing Seasons

Skwala Stonefly Fly Fishing Seasons in Western Montana - Western Montana Fly Fishing Seasons

Late Spring / Summer Season: May through August
Salmonfly #4
Golden Stonefly #6, #8, #10
Green Drake #10
Pale Morning Dun #14, #16
Hoppers and Terrestrials

This time of year is generally referred to as our Summer Season. It begins with the acclaimed Salmonfly hatch on the upper reaches of most rivers. The fishing during this hatch is very exciting and often described as fast and furious. Most rivers will run high and swift at the tail end of the runoff.

The Salmonfly hatch can produce some of the largest numbers of fish caught in any given day. Days have passed when over one hundred trout have been landed but the average catch is somewhere closer to forty.

The Salmonfly hatch is immediately followed by the Golden Stones and then the Green Drakes and the Pale Morning Duns. Toward the end of July, we start fishing more terrestrial patterns such as grasshoppers and various attractor patterns. August is primarily terrestrial patterns of all shapes and sizes as well as attractor dries with an occasional nymph dropper. Also in mid-August the Trico Mayfly Spinners start gathering and falling. This is a particularly neat event that produces some excellent yet difficult dry fly fishing. Long leaders, tiny flies, and lots of patience are the rule.

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